Management in the field of education

My great passion has been an involvement in the development of active learning workflows at university level and presenting those possibilities to other teachers. As such I have been conducting various training programs for our fellow teachers. Considering study program level, I have given inputs into new and modern study topics (especially including new BIM subjects for both vertical and linear BIM interests groups). Those new BIM subjects are built through my industry (private sector) experience where I have been active from 2004 onward. My full professional career is also visible at LinkedIn page.

My current and future goals are to develop BIM related subjects in our new study program (for example BIM for infrastructure full course that was been especially developed for a new Road Engineering and Geodesy study program). Also, “Building Information Management and Modelling (BIM II)” that is the most recent BIM course, has got very positive feedback in 2020.

All my courses are continuously developed, and connected workflows are added yearly basis because the possibilities of applications in where BIM principles are applied, changes all the time and you just can’t stay into past with your teaching workflows. Good proof for that is a water sector in general who has recently seen the potential of BIM principles to help them as well in the project delivery process . As such, I have added connected workflows in terms of BIM into my Water pipelines and modelling course.

My advantage is that I can connect the state-of-the-art knowledge, experience and examples about the use and possibilities of BIM from a private sector (with international experience) into educational sector. International relationships can help to develop common study programs (subjects), apply for new BIM related projects and be a leader to push the well-known Nordics knowledge and experience about BIM further.

Raido Puust