Management in the field of education

My great passion has been an involvement in the development of active learning workflows at university level and presenting those possibilities to other teachers. As such I have been working as an Education Technology Officer to conduct various training programs. Considering study program level I have given inputs into new and modern study topics (especially including new BIM subjects for both vertical and horizontal BIM interests groups). Those new BIM subjects are built through my industry (private sector) experience where I have been active from 2004 onward. As a team member I’m a member of Finnish company, whose main goal and experience is creating virtual design and construction products for international markets. As such my main responsibilities are to support our team with a BIM knowledge, develop new BIM related courses as well as conduct online and face-to-face trainings internationally.

My current and future goals are to bring BIM related subjects into new study program (for example BIM for infrastructure full course that has been especially developed for a new Road Engineering and Geodesy study program). My advantage is that I can bring the state of the art knowledge, experience and examples about the use and possibilities of BIM from a private sector. It’s international reach like working with well-known construction companies and collaborating with universities (University of Oulu, Nanyang Technological University) helps to develop common study programs (subjects), apply for new BIM related projects and be a leader to push the well-known Nordics knowledge and experience about BIM even further.