I have been working (teaching and research) in Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ) since 2003. From the same time period I have been involved in conducting various learning subjects. My professional background started with courses like hydraulics in various pipe networks that mainly focus on pipe network modelling itself and carrying out various analysis. In […]

Pedagogical activity

My general teaching philosophy rely on the assumptions that classical lecture should be used as a bonus and a motivating communication between a teacher and a student. To support this workflow and basically eliminating so called classical lecture component, a peer instruction methodology can be applied. For that, integrated course design is used in all […]

Academic excellence

To be able to support and use modern technology and teaching methodologies, I’m actively participating in various e-learning courses by myself (given by different institutions from all over the world). Some example e-courses that I have recently and successfully taken are: Train the Trainer (given by Adobe Inc., link to badge) and Digital Construction MOOC […]

Management in the field of education

My great passion has been an involvement in the development of active learning workflows at university level and presenting those possibilities to other teachers. As such I have been working as an Education Technology Officer to conduct various training programs. Considering study program level I have given inputs into new and modern study topics (especially […]


In terms of academic excellence I have been awarded with several honors. The full list is available from Estonian Research Information System (ERIS). My professional CAD/BIM workflows training experience started as Autodesk Certified Instructor (active period 2006-2015), during which time I trained about 360 people in classroom trainings and created various training programs for vertical […]


Appendix A – Lecture programs The list of courses where I’m a main lecturer, are listed below. As those courses are available also with the guest access, the course layout, teaching methodology, assessment types can be easily followed from the course pages itself. Building information modelling basics (BIM I) – full e-course available in Moodle […]